What’s Next

The Launch of X Labs Our R&D Engine to Develop “The Next Practice”

December 17, 2020

The 24th letter of our alphabet may be towards the end, but it’s one of the most powerful and mysterious letters in the English language. It’s why we have named our new innovation center, X Labs.  

Rene Descartes introduced X as a way to represent an unknown in La Geometrie in 1637. We know it well as a symbol for math, ranging from multiplication to a variable in algebra or a coordinate (x-axis) for a graph. New applications of mathematical concepts to power our data science are high on our list.  

X is linguistically agile, whether it sounds like a Z (Xerox) or its silent (Bordeaux) or just like an x (exchange). Understanding the nuance of language underpins our thinking.  

X is the third least frequently used letter in English (0.15% of words). It reminds us to become expert at identifying the non-obvious solution and to do it with precision. As we innovate to protect our society via cybersecurity and physical security solutions, we remember this point.  

X is part of gaming nomenclature (Xbox), which is the new family room worldwide. We will introduce innovation soon in this space.  

X marks the spot. We think of it as inspiration to improve the accuracy of media. We know we can develop better “maps”, better targeting and show where the real X is. 

X denotes health (X-Ray to XX and XY chromosomes). It inspires us to think of applications in sectors, such as healthcare, where innovation can improve lives. 

X has new meanings, as well, such as in Social Purpose. We are working on how to find the intersections between companies and communities that will be sustainable and meaningful for the long-term to improve society.  

When we look at what we have in our R&D pipeline today and imagine what we can do over the years ahead, we envision the world of bowling. If we knock down all ten pins, it is a strike marked by an X. 

We want our clients to mark that X as often as possible.  

Stay tuned for our first innovation, which we’ll introduce in January, 2021.  

Best, Bob