What’s Next

The Future of Communications and Our Investment in The Bliss Group

January 12, 2021

We believe communications is a profession that has potential well beyond its current state.

Data science will continue to unlock insights we cannot imagine today as we learn how to analyze disparate data sets in new ways.

We will share our stories utilizing the best mix of PESO media (paid, earned, shared and owned media) in a world where communicators are fluent in all media types, including search. 

We will build our own software solutions as we encounter problems to solve and opportunities to accelerate.

We are entering an era where communications will become truly full-service in how we share stories, protect reputations and engage with customers in all forms of media. 

This is one of the reasons The Next Practices Group is thrilled to invest in Bliss Integrated Communication, which will now be called The Bliss Group.  There are others equally important.

Bliss is a 45-year-old firm with strong values that align with ours. 

Bliss is a firm filled with smart, intellectually curious leaders who work in verticals that require a strong acumen for how each market category works. Professional Services, Financial and Healthcare are the big three today. 

Bliss is a firm that prides itself on creating value for clients every day. 

Bliss is a firm with a desire to make a difference in our world – a vision we share.   

We now begin our journey together to create value every day for our clients and create new ways of working that will provide advantage in the marketplace.