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Next Practices Group is an ecosystem of creative problem solvers and emerging technologies. We work together to unlock organizations and their growth opportunities.
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CTRx Pathways — Strategic Solutions to Advance Science & Improve Health

Clinical Trial Patient Enrollment Is Fundamentally Broken. Misinformation, competing trials and strict regulatory requirements collide to make it impossible to stand out and grab the attention of potential enrollees.  Our new model combines the best thinking from a mathematical, PESO (paid, earned, shared, owned) media and marketing standpoint to build an agile media model that […]


Building the Next Generation Public Affairs/Security Firm Welcome to CEO Ray Kerins Jr.

Original article published on LinkedIn on Oct 21, 2021 Peter Drucker once said, “the greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic.” This is why we are thrilled that Ray Kerins Jr. has joined The Next Practices Group as Founder & CEO of NextSec, our group of firms dedicated […]


Podcast Alert: Lifelong Insights – From Mickey Mantle to Why Innovating is Lonely….

Originally published on LinkedIn on Oct 17, 2021 I love the podcast format to just sit back and think out loud on what we are learning in life with leaders who are expert at interviews, like Rick Tocquigny, who leads a great podcast series called the Success Made to Last Legends Podcast. In our 28-minute talk, we […]


Why We Are Launching NextTech Communications

Technology is revolutionizing our lives.  It is driving the productivity and economic growth of major economies worldwide. It is creating new processes and techniques and demanding new skills that are leading to an evolution of business models in nearly every industry.    It also has unintended consequences, ranging from the rise in mis- and disinformation to how bad actors use the same technology […]


The Future of Security Cyber Guards Joins the NextSec Team

Warren Buffett once famously said “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” If Mr. Buffett decided to update this quote today based on our security environment, it might sound like this “Every 39 seconds, someone is trying to enter your […]


The Launch of New Social Purpose Firm, Games for Good

New Firm, Games for Good, Designed to Enter the Modern-Day Family Room to Elevate Key Societal Issues Within Games A new social purpose firm, Games for Good, will be launched today with the mission of helping organizations engage with gamers to drive meaningful change of the world’s most pressing issues.     Known as “game mods”, […]


The Future of Communications and Our Investment in The Bliss Group

We believe communications is a profession that has potential well beyond its current state. Data science will continue to unlock insights we cannot imagine today as we learn how to analyze disparate data sets in new ways. We will share our stories utilizing the best mix of PESO media (paid, earned, shared and owned media) […]


The Launch of X Labs Our R&D Engine to Develop “The Next Practice”

The 24th letter of our alphabet may be towards the end, but it’s one of the most powerful and mysterious letters in the English language. It’s why we have named our new innovation center, X Labs.   Rene Descartes introduced X as a way to represent an unknown in La Geometrie in 1637. We know it well as a […]


The Next Practices Group Expands Global Reach via Investment in FeQ

[NEW YORK. JULY 14, 2020] The Next Practices Group, the newly formed U.S. based Agency collective, has taken a significant minority position in FosterEquity Services (FeQ) to gain access to a global network of creative, technology, digital media and marketing experts built by industry leader Chris Foster.  The Next Practices Group is a founder-driven collective […]


The Launch of The Next Practice—A Founder-Driven Collective of Firms

Today, we are announcing the creation of The Next Practice, a founder-driven collective of firms that spans the marketing, communications and technology needs of organizations of all sizes.


What We Do

We unleash the diversity and experience of our Founder group to study your opportunity and then craft the right solution. We lead with data science to generate understanding and then craft solutions that unlock and create perpetual value for your organization and customers. We know solutions don’t exist in silos.

Our work is driven by our expertise leading global organizations in the key disciplines of data science, data security, technology, digital media and marketing communications.

Our eight core capabilities include:

Analytics & Data Science
Digital Media
Technology Services
Creative and Content
Social Purpose
Digital Security
PR & Communications

Next Practices Group

Cortney Rhoads Stapleton
Michael Roth
Tim Hayden
John McNeel
Yash Gad, PhD
David Pierpont
Julia Thuman
Christopher Chilek
John Cunningham
Tracy Arrington
Colin Foster
Chris Foster
Michael Gehb
Bob Pearson
Cortney Rhoads Stapleton
Founder and Managing Partner, The Bliss Group
Corporate storyteller and marketing architect. Relentlessly in pursuit of smart, unique, global/local marcom programs focused on what matters most to you and your audience.
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