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We are a founder-driven collective of firms that form common teams to create perpetual competitive advantage and value for our clients.

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What’s Next

The Launch of New Social Purpose Firm, Games for Good


Meet the Founders

A new view of the world requires more than two eyes. It requires the wisdom of the crowd. It’s why we are launching a founder-driven collective of firms that are all part of a common team.

Our name reflects the goal of every innovative founder. We start firms to do something better than what is on the market today. We don’t study best practices to cement in past learnings. We look at those same results and figure out what’s next. And then we develop the Next Practice.

It can be a new model, a new approach or a slightly better way to develop a campaign. It’s always about creating more value for our clients.

The best way to understand The Next Practice Group is to meet our Founders:

What We Do

Our work is driven by our expertise in the key disciplines of data science, technology, digital media and marketing communications and our expertise leading global organizations, both as clients and consultants.
Whether it’s creating a new model, a new approach or a slightly better way to develop a campaign, it’s always about creating more value for our clients.
Our five core capabilities include: Analytics & Data Science, Digital Media, Technology Services, Software & Stories, Social Purpose

Our Beliefs

We are all driven to unlock value for our clients and within ourselves. Our values reflect our decades of experience and our commitment to build the best experience for our teams, the organizations we represent and the society we all have an opportunity to impact.

Here is what we believe:

The ingredients of curiosity, expertise and a desire to find a better way for our clients gets us out of bed in the morning

We strongly believe in the power of the 3rd brain. In any collaboration among talented people when the will and intent are there, it is like a 3rd brain appears to help solve the stickiest problems and provide elegant solutions

We are a collective of founders. This is our perpetual source of strength. Great client service and continual innovation is less a business model than our personal passion in life.

Our org chart at The Next Practice is inverted. We think of how we can unlock each other and gain the most value from our relationships. We serve each other every day.

We are all owners in the group. We decide together and do what’s right for our people and our clients to drive winning outcomes for all

We treat everyone with equal respect, whether they are our client, our team member or the person cleaning our office. Humans matter, titles are secondary.

Our customers already have the answers for us. We just have to be smart enough to listen to their needs and align them with the brands we represent. We listen, learn and develop ideas straight from the source.

Technology makes it possible to create in new ways. We will scale this creativity in ways not done before.

When the goals of business and society are the same, an idea can change our world one step at a time. Ideas should make a difference.

Check your ego at the door. We have important work to do. :)

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